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chicken noodle soup makes me not so sniffly

Name: Shannon
Age: 20
Sex: a vag.
Location: kutztown
Sexual preference: josh
Height: i think i'm a twizzler according to the height charts at hershey park. (5'2.5)

Favorite band[s]: rem, remy zero, rufus wainwright, the smiths, the replacements, and more bands that start with the letter r most likely
Favorite movie: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
Favorite director: michel gondry
Favorite president: fdr
Favorite actor: bill murray
Favorite coffee drink: frozen mocha with a shot of caramel
Last 4 shows you went to: rufus wainwright, stage, rem, travis

Why we should stamp you: because i have the hiv and am willing to pass it for stamps and kisses. or just a stamp i suppose.
Why you want to join: to make binos smile? and by smile i mean catch the hiv.


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