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to die by your side...

Name Sophi
Age 13
Sex female
Location silicon valley, california
Sexual preference straight
Height five foot three inches
Favorite band[s] bright eyes, the shins, ben folds five, the smiths, the postal service, the velvet underground
Favorite movie My Neighbor Totoro, the Breakfast Club
Favorite director don't have one.
Favorite president Clinton
Favorite actor zach braff
Favorite coffee drink uh, either straight espresso or a double caramel macchiato
Last 4 shows you went to I've not been to one yet. I'm seeing bright eyes on friday, though.
Why we should stamp you Because I like stamps. I like indie. I like hotties. I usually am more creative than this. because i can make cool pictures like purple trees eating monkeys.
Why you want to join why wouldn't i?


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